Practicing the ‘ALOHA’ Way of Life with Tofino Towel Co.


We’re so excited to be carrying Vancouver-based Tofino Towel Co. this summer! A company that emulates Mother Nature, encouraging its’ customers to “consciously slow down, be present in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life”.

These towels were designed thoughtfully with their iconic large round shape to put an end to the constant adjusting and shaking of beach towels so you can continue enjoying the outdoors without any distractions.

Tofino Towel Co. has adopted what they call the “1% model”. This means donating 1% of all profits to local non-profits, 1% of all product to people in need, and 1% of its’ employees time to the protection and enjoyment of the West Coast. Their current partnership is with Strawberry Isle Research Society, a group of dedicated naturalists living and working on the waters of Vancouver Island conducting research and monitoring our marine ecosystems.

You can find Tofino Towel Co. in store at 1338 Wellington Street West, or online.


It’s time for another #vienschezmoi and yep, WE KNEW it! We knew Jess from Good Shop’s home would be as effortlessly cool as she is! We love this hardworking business woman (and mother of two) and we are so grateful to have her part of our VAM fam. Find her beautiful shop on Dalhousie Street as well as upstairs in our shop 💁 at viens avec moi and online too!  Make sure to give this shop a follow and you will be sure to find unique pieces for your home , (and not to mention the best apothecary)!! Enjoy!! 👇

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 3.16.11 PM

Name: Jess

Occupation: Store owner of Goods Shop

Favourite place in your house: The sun room – it’s wonderfully bright and happens to be the only room we’ve decorated

Favourite possession: This is hard! Probably a three way tie between my phone, pencil cactus and coffee machine

Your favourite VAM purchase: Right now it’s my new white dress, but next week it’s going to be the Fatigue shirt I’m coming in to buy


unnamed (3)

Celebrate the first weekend of spring by joining us in Wellington West and shopping our new arrivals!

We promise you’ll walk away with something you’ll love for a long time.

unnamed (4)

Don’t forget to peek upstairs at Goods Shop whenever you’re at VAM to grab your unique, fun, locally-made housewares and apothecary.

See you this weekend!

xo Renée & Sophie
& the VAM team


For this edition of #vienschezmoi we are so excited to be featuring our beautiful, inspiring friend Anne-Marie, who we highlighted throughout the month of February. Anne-Marie underwent a heart transplant over a year ago and celebrated her one year anniversary with her new heart back in September❤️ . Check out our other blog posts for what Anne-Marie has been up to this past year and you will understand why this friend makes our hearts sing!!! 🎤 ✨ enjoy 👇
Name: Anne-Marie Koeslag
Occupation: I’m a teacher
Favourite place in your home: My favourite place is our brown couch in the living room.
Why: It is to life what the time-out tree is to a serious game of tag. When we’ve had a long day, we meet up on the brown couch, forget everything, and nap. Our naps are best on a Winter day, when the sun is out and its warmth takes over the living room. Long live the brown couch 😉
Your favourite possession: My favourite possession is anything that brings me music, like Sirius in the car or the speaker in my shower.
Why: Music is everything. It calms me, it energizes me, it’s where I spend my daydreams and it’s where I reflect on life. Car or shower concerts are the best therapy in the world 🎶🎤
Your favourite VAM purchase: That’s a tough one. My Cleobella weekender bag, Krista Norris rebel wingtip scarf…I’m also REALLY excited to wear my new little Félicité butterfly top when it’s warm out!

One Year with a New Heart

February is a time for love, and here at viens avec moi, it is a time that is very close to our hearts.

Last year we started a tradition of sharing the love during Heart Month for our dear friend Anne-Marie and her charity of choice – The University of Ottawa Heart Institute .

Thank you to each and every one of you who came out to our shopping event, Shop with Your Heart a few weeks ago. It was a huge success and your support and Paper Heart purchases throughout the month of February will make a difference in the lives of those whose hearts need a little TLC.

We wanted to share with you Anne-Marie’s progress since receiving a heart transplant in October 2014.

Mon dieu, has she been busy! In between checkups, blood work and heart biopsies at the Heart Institute, Anne-Marie is learning to live with a heart that is as full of life as she is!

Anne-Marie in Toronto volunteering for the Canadian Transplant Games

That means completing cardiac rehabilitation and putting her new heart to work with walking, exercise and dancing, of course. 😉

She is currently completing a professional development course to prep for her return to teaching next school year. In addition, Anne-Marie has been giving back by volunteering at the Canadian Transplant Games in Toronto, as well as with the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance and coordinating the annual auction for Ottawa Therapy Dogs.

Walking in a fashion show at the book launch for Unconform

Anne-Marie has also contributed her story to Kathie Donovan’s book, Unconform, about living a courageous life.

Anne-Marie continues to inspire us all.  This amazing woman proves to us just how life changing the work being done at the Heart Institute is.



February is #Heart Month


In last year’s Heart Month, we began a special celebration in honour of our beautiful friend Anne-Marie who underwent a heart transplant.   Our celebration continues as we acknowledge this girl’s inspirational story and Heart Anniversary !  Our friend’s strength and positive outlook on life is something that inspires us everyday.  Through-out the month of February, we will be sharing what Anne-Marie has been up to, and how she has been doing living with her brand new heart.

This girl has one heck of a story and now one hell of a heart! To anyone who knows Anne-Marie, she has always had the BIGGEST and FULLEST heart! ❤️ happy #heartmonth

Running up the “Rocky Steps” in Philadelphia. January 2017


Anne-Marie’s words :

“Matt (husband) took this picture at 4:30am exactly one year ago.  We were in ICU, waiting to enter the operating room to begin the heart transplant surgery.  The smile on my face was how I felt.  I was petrified of the surgery to come and I felt sadness for a family that was grieving, but more than anything, I felt joy for the beauty of humanity.

I felt like my heart was going to explode (in a good way, not in a literal way ;).  Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, that it’s hard to handle.  Sometimes that beauty is in a perfectly crafted tear-inducing commercial, sometimes that beauty is in the form of a mountain that you witness for the first time, and sometimes…it’s in all the love that surrounds you: the tireless, determined, unconditional love of your husband, mom, family/family-in-law, and friends; it’s in all the attentive, compassionate, over-and-above medical care that you have witnessed and received; it’s in all the kindness and courage that strangers share; it’s in a person who has decided to selflessly donate their organs so others may have the chance to spend more time with the people they love.
How can you not smile at that, despite being in a hospital, when you know that this is what the world is…and you get to be in it?”

** Join us February 9th, 4 – 8pm for our ‘Shop with your Heart’ event.  We will have new arrivals, discounts, gift with purchase, and a percentage of proceeds from all sales will go to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute .  We are also selling #paperhearts all through the month of February.**




We’ve been crushing on this girl since we’ve met her 💕. Meet Heather; her place is as cool as she is. Enjoy! 🚲


Name: Heather Andrews
Occupation: Co-owner of Wheelhouse Cycle
What is your favourite place/area in your home: The kitchen table
Why: My apt. is teeny-tiny so the kids and I do everything there – eat, talk, read, play games. It’s got the loveliest view of Landsdowne and Bank Street and I can see all my favourite things (like my Stendig calendar) from there.
What is your favourite possession: My bar cart – her name is Joanie.
Why: I love mid-century modern design and I love what a bar-cart represents – mixing cocktails and good times with friends.
What is your favourite purchase from Viens Avec Moi : I live in my MOTHER jeans – it’s got to be them ❤️