We’ve got the Blues(fest)

Bluesfest is in full swing, and if you’ve had the chance to go down to the river to catch a few shows, you’ll know that festival wear is in full swing too! And lucky for you guys, our Summer Sale is also in FULL SWING, with all Spring and Summer merchandise reduced 10-20%

Here at VAM we’re SO inspired by the beachy and carefree look of festival-goers. We’ve got everything you need to look festival-ready at Bluesfest this year.

Pair any of these tops with some high-waisted destroyed denim, for a hippie-chic look. Tops by Twisted Sister (right and left) and Line & Dot (centre). 

Prints and neon are must-haves for any music festival. Banish the rain with these gems from Pink Stitch (Left and centre) and Free People (right)

While the weather of late may inspire rainboots, these Matiko sandals would be the perfect addition to any festival outfit. Beachy and cute, but comfortable for dancing!
OH AND DID WE MENTION. All this and more is ON SALE! 


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