Harvey & Vern’s, meet VAM

It comes as no surprise that when word spread that Ottawa brewery Kichesippi Beer Co. was launching a line of olde fashioned all natural sodas, we got a little – okay, maybe really – excited.

For this particular line of sodas, Kichesippi went with a more health conscious approach, using real cane sugar as a sweetener as opposed to corn syrup. With Harvey and Vern’s Olde Fashioned Soda line gaining some traction, being sold in over 100 different locations across the city, we decided to get in on the fun!

For the whole month of August join us every Sunday as we serve refreshingly chilled Harvey and Vern’s sodas (free of charge)! A fun way to get with your friends, drink some all natural (guilt free!) soda while you shop until you drop!

You’re welcome – VAM xx


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