Here at VAM boutique, we admire any prominent women with both charisma and a strong personal style. Follow our blog for weekly features of celebrities; musicians, fashion figures, business ladies and even our staff for outfit inspirations. It is all about the women crush Wednesdays from now on but then again when wasn’t it.
Our first feature is a woman with both business savvy as well as a style one can only try to emulate. Danielle Berstein started her blog called WEWOREWHAT years back making her one of the top names in the online scene. Starting off snapping pictures on the street, the tables suddenly turned when she found herself in front of the lens.
Her goal was to provide inspiration for other women for what can seem as the easiest part of your day, aka getting dressed in the morning. Describing fashion as a form of expression, Danielle lets her mix of casual wear do the talking.  She stresses comfort as one of her main priorities when piecing together different looks. Minimal and menswear-inspired, our muse incorporates trends without losing her sense of self.

 Get inspired & shop the look at VAM. 


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