After much anticipation, our first spring shipments are rolling in and from one of our favourites no less, BB Dakota. Carrying both the younger sister line Jack and BB Dakota this season, our house of clothing is currently infused with fun &easy pieces. Doing what they do best out of California, they have sent the sun up in form of breezy sundresses, nautical stripes, soft oversize grey t-shirts, and flowered kimonos.
Our crush this week is none other than a girl with a distinct artistic vision who has recently teamed up with BB Dakota. Canadian and only twenty-two years young, she started her craft in high school. Publications such as Vice, Purple and Rookie Mag took notice of the energy portrayed in her snapshots. Stunning pictures with a particular neon glow, Petra Collins explores topics such as the teenage gaze and body image.ย  In the BB Dakota short film, she takes on the US by hitting the open road. Joined by her sister and gall palls, she captures what impact dance has had on several girls from different walks of life. Youthful energy bubbles over in her pictures/ films and matches effortlessly with BB Dakotaโ€™s flirty vibe.ย 


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