Self proclaimed designer, fiancé, daughter. sister, aunt, friend, boss, baker, snack mom and snow globe collector, us VAMers mostly know this leggy beauty from the Hills or the City. Whitney Port first appeared along side Lauren Conrad when she was interning at Teen Vogue. Born and raised in California, she studied fashion marketing at a university level. After realizing she was in need of change she up and relocated to the concrete jungle where she interned for DVF. This natural blonde currently owns her own clothing line and incorporates her pieces regularly into her everyday wear.

Whitney’s personal style is what made us select her this week. Much like the VAM clientele, she is not afraid of colour and combines them easily with printed pieces. Laid back styles such as a slouchy jumpsuit are dressed up with heels and appropriate accessories. She embraces oversized tops and balances them out with micro minis.  This icon also has also mastered the art of combining high and low price points and quality resulting in a unique style all her own.

BB Dakota jumpsuit 

Filippa K silk dress 180$ 

                              Bella Lux mini’s available at VAM in black and grey.


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