Festival Fashion

Of all the festivals around the world (not that we’ve been to them all!) we’re still head over heels in love with Ottawa’s own, Bluesfest. It’s charm? Friendly faces, a great atmosphere and a sea of fashion forward locals. What could be better than that?

But knowing what to wear to a festival can be overwhelming, so we’re here to give you a few #festivalfashion tips and tricks!

Tip #1: A hat is always a good idea! They just seem to complete the look – it’s the cherry on top of that perfect festival approved outfit. Trust us!

Tip #2: Bring a large enough bag to hold all of your daily essentials (like a blanket to sit on). This way you have two hands to hold your drinks 😉

Tip #3: Lace and/or fringe tops. Enough said. See below for a close up of one of our favourites now in store!

Tip #4: Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. And then more jewelry! Pile it on ladies. You can never have enough of it. Nothing says bo-ho chic like layers of jewels. See below for a few of our festival must-haves!

Tip #5: If you like it, wear it! If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll shine!


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