February is #Heart Month


In last year’s Heart Month, we began a special celebration in honour of our beautiful friend Anne-Marie who underwent a heart transplant.   Our celebration continues as we acknowledge this girl’s inspirational story and Heart Anniversary !  Our friend’s strength and positive outlook on life is something that inspires us everyday.  Through-out the month of February, we will be sharing what Anne-Marie has been up to, and how she has been doing living with her brand new heart.

This girl has one heck of a story and now one hell of a heart! To anyone who knows Anne-Marie, she has always had the BIGGEST and FULLEST heart! ❤️ happy #heartmonth

Running up the “Rocky Steps” in Philadelphia. January 2017


Anne-Marie’s words :

“Matt (husband) took this picture at 4:30am exactly one year ago.  We were in ICU, waiting to enter the operating room to begin the heart transplant surgery.  The smile on my face was how I felt.  I was petrified of the surgery to come and I felt sadness for a family that was grieving, but more than anything, I felt joy for the beauty of humanity.

I felt like my heart was going to explode (in a good way, not in a literal way ;).  Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, that it’s hard to handle.  Sometimes that beauty is in a perfectly crafted tear-inducing commercial, sometimes that beauty is in the form of a mountain that you witness for the first time, and sometimes…it’s in all the love that surrounds you: the tireless, determined, unconditional love of your husband, mom, family/family-in-law, and friends; it’s in all the attentive, compassionate, over-and-above medical care that you have witnessed and received; it’s in all the kindness and courage that strangers share; it’s in a person who has decided to selflessly donate their organs so others may have the chance to spend more time with the people they love.
How can you not smile at that, despite being in a hospital, when you know that this is what the world is…and you get to be in it?”

** Join us February 9th, 4 – 8pm for our ‘Shop with your Heart’ event.  We will have new arrivals, discounts, gift with purchase, and a percentage of proceeds from all sales will go to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute .  We are also selling #paperhearts all through the month of February.**




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