Viens Chez Moi: Erin Clatney

It is #vienschezmoi Monday, and we are so happy to feature one mega wonder woman superstar of a human being:

Erin Clatney from Dish Catering + Events.

Enjoy and happy first Monday in July ✨ cheers to another #girlcrush of ours!!

19622993_490444874625802_6063501817650610176_n🍴Name : Erin Clatney

🍴Occupation : director at DISH events & catering

🍴What is your favourite place/area in your house : “My bedroom, the bed mostly. ”

🍴Why : “I like to lounge. It’s a serene room with a giant bed that’s a cocoon of white linens and a tree top leafy view…over 24 years of having kids It’s always been the best place to talk to my kids and laugh (or cry) without other distractions.”

🍴What is your favourite possession: “My passport is damn precious. 🇨🇦 In a fire, I would grab 2 particular pieces of art.

🍴What is your favourite purchase from viens avec moi: “Picking just one, impossible. Very excited to play scrabble on my new Tofino beach towel this summer, though.”



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