About Us



Friends since they were teenagers, Renée Morra and Sophie Beaudoin basically grew together to become two dynamic business people in Ottawa.

Graduating high school and university together and sharing in life’s ups and downs led them both to Models International Management; Sophie as the owner of the successful agency and Renée as an agent and stylist. Building their fashion careers in Ottawa helped them create an amazing network that eventually inspired them to open viens avec moi.

It was on vacation that the premise for the store came about: daydreaming on a beach in South of France about possible concepts for their imaginary store.

When the idea of “viens avec moi” came about, the girls knew that would be it; a youthful, playful slogan that they could build a clientele on.

viens avec moi has something for every generation of women.  Mothers and daughters can shop together and both achieve the stylish, effortless look that Sophie and Renée embody.

The products at VAM range from the high-brow to the hand-made, constantly introducing new lines and brands to Ottawa like jewelry designer Jenny Bird from Toronto, scarf designer Krista Norris from Ottawa, and contemporary lines like Bella Dahl, Rails, Mother denim to name a few.

Situated in a little house in trendy West-Wellington, the two-level shop is inviting and rustic while offering the best quality designers and interesting pieces that are sure to garner compliments wherever you wear them.

Renée and Sophie wanted the store to feel like a house, like you’re a friend just popping by to say hello, all while taking advantage of the best part, taking something fabulous home to add to your closet. The girls called it a labour of love; their friendship and trust is reflected in everything from how they run their business to the store’s décor.

So the next time you’re looking for a stunning addition to your closet or jewelry box, pop on over and viens avec moi.