L*Space Swimwear has landed at VAM!

Viens Avec Moi is excited to announce the arrival of L*Space  by Monica Wise. Pieces from their Haute Tropics collection have just hit the floor and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

BeFunky Collage

Their perfect blend of rich colours, playful prints, and chic cuts will have you dreaming of warm coastlines and sunny skies.

L*Space (a brand ethically made in the USA) is inspired by their four L’s: live, laugh, lounge, love. And they encourage their customers to find their “L” in their own lives.

The L*Space girls is one who leads a chic, yet unfussy coastal-cool lifestyle, so we know it’ll perfect for all of our VAM girls.

A leader in the swimwear world, L*Space has been featured in Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour magazines (to name a few), and has been spotted on celebs like Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.

When you try one of their pieces on, you’ll instantly fall in love with the fit and the quality, so stop by the shop and pick one up while they’re fresh – you know they won’t last long!



Creme de la Creme

While a healthy and glowing complexion has as much to do with what you put in your body, there’s nothing like some all-natural paraben-free products to put on your body to help with the process. 
Here at VAM, we’ve started carrying Archipelago Botanicals, a line of fragrant and gentle skin products made from all natural ingredients and filled with antioxidants to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. 
In the shop we have a selection of hand creams, (Coconut, Oat Milk and Soy – $18) perfect to keep in your bag to battle dry hands when the AC in the office is a bit too much. We are also carrying the scrubs, to exfoliate and keep your skin glowing (Oat sugar scrub, Soy sugar scrub – $19). To top it all off we have two variations of the body butter, that OK! Magazine called a “milkshake for your legs!” (Oat and Soy – $19)
So come in and try some Archipelago Botanicals, your skin will thank you. 

Essential Oils

Beauty Oils are on everyone’s radar these days with companies left and right coming out with oils to take the place of older products.

But what about using the oils you already have?

Health benefits include glowing skin, shiny and soft hair, bright eyes and soft lips!!

Coconut Oil is an amazing substitute for other cooking oils if you’re looking for a healthier option, but it’s also fabulous for other things like moisturizing, creating a base for homemade scrubs (with other ingredients like brown sugar or oatmeal) and for nourishing your hair.

Olive Oil is not just for cooking with anymore. One of only three oils with a molecular structure small enough to penetrate hair shafts, olive oil is amazing for hair health. It also makes a great eye makeup remover. Take a bit of olive oil in your fingertips or on a cotton pad and rub it around your eyes. Your eye makeup will start to clump off and the rest of the mess can be wiped off with a wet cotton pad or tissue.

Tea Tree Oil is your best friend if blocked pores, acne and irritation are your enemies. Dab a little bit of tea tree oil on a blemish and watch it disappear and dry up overnight.

Avocado Oil is a lot like Olive Oil — rich in nutrients. This oil is incredible for moisturizing and nourishing skin and hair. Rub some into your cuticles to promote healthy nail growth too!

So the next time you find yourself craving the next beauty trend, try hitting up your kitchen first!

Beauty Obsession

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments in Passion featuring Jenny Bird Illumina Bib and BB Dakota jacket

If you’re like us, the winter months are wreaking havoc on your pout. When you’re worrying about bundling up and keeping warm, cracked, chapped lips are the worst distraction. 
This is why we love Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatments. They’re the perfect combination of healing and colour. And what a selection of colours! Sephora carries these little lip lovers and they come in 8 shades. 
We love using multiple shades throughout the day, subtle hues like Petal and Honey for the daytime and Cherry and Passion in the evening. The treatment glides on so smoothly and is a great alternative to lipstick.
While they are a little pricy, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatments are 100% worth the splurge, your lips will thank you!!!

Monday Muse: Emily Weiss

From her beginnings as an intern (The “Super Intern”) for Teen Vogue on The Hills, to her rise to beauty blog queen, Emily Weiss has always come across as the cool chick you’d want to be best friends with.

Not to mention that being best friends with Emily would make you privy to all the latest beauty trends and maybe some VIP action (she was all over NYFW last week), Emily’s style is what makes us long for a friend request from the newly platinum-haired beauty.

We love her edgy but romantic style. She always looks effortlessly put together in a minimalistic, ‘New York’ sort of way. We also can’t help but admire her strong work ethic and amazing success story. Emily is proof that hard work can accomplish anything. Her business savvy and talent only add to her amazing style.

If you don’t already follow Into The Gloss, you need to. Her website is beautifully formatted in a way that matches Emily’s smart and chic style, and the site is full of the best beauty news around.