L*Space Swimwear has landed at VAM!

Viens Avec Moi is excited to announce the arrival of L*Space  by Monica Wise. Pieces from their Haute Tropics collection have just hit the floor and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

BeFunky Collage

Their perfect blend of rich colours, playful prints, and chic cuts will have you dreaming of warm coastlines and sunny skies.

L*Space (a brand ethically made in the USA) is inspired by their four L’s: live, laugh, lounge, love. And they encourage their customers to find their “L” in their own lives.

The L*Space girls is one who leads a chic, yet unfussy coastal-cool lifestyle, so we know it’ll perfect for all of our VAM girls.

A leader in the swimwear world, L*Space has been featured in Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour magazines (to name a few), and has been spotted on celebs like Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.

When you try one of their pieces on, you’ll instantly fall in love with the fit and the quality, so stop by the shop and pick one up while they’re fresh – you know they won’t last long!



Just in..Rails LA!

A new shipment of Rails LA has landed at VAM Boutique! Known for their butter soft, slouchy button ups, we can’t seem to get enough of this line. Founded in 2008 by LA native Jeff Abrams, this brand is inspired by the relaxed and casual (yet ultra chic!) feel of Southern California. It’s no wonder celebrities and fashion bloggers have taken to Rails LA! Find at VAM a variety of styles, from rompers to short and long sleeve button ups! 

“Since the beginning, we have had a strong following among celebrities and fashion trendsetters. I remember shortly after I began designing the shirts, Kate Moss was spotted wearing one, and I really felt like I had arrived! Now I get more enjoyment from seeing more anonymous girls wear them in their everyday life. Whether they are just passing me on the street, or enjoying their weekends out with friends, it’s exciting to see the Rails brand connecting with so many people.”

Bring the biking!

Today, for the first time in MONTHS I felt like Spring. I know it’s a cliche to say that everything is awakening and that we are so so SO excited that Spring is coming, but how can we not say it if it’s true!!

These days it’s hard not to swell with joy at the sight of the sun after 7pm and the squish of mud under our rain boots. The tights are going away, I’ve started moisturizing my feet in preparation for sandals. (Have you checked out our Saltwater Sandal collection?!)

But what I am most excited for now is to GO BIKING. I had a small chilly taste of the bike paths on Sunday, but I can feel it, the time for bike rides is upon us and along with it come all of the best things about biking: soaking up local food, shops and culture.

Last year I was gifted a beautiful bike from Tall Tree Cycles. (now located conveniently right next door!) And when the weather is nice I try to take it everywhere I go.

Probably the best thing about bikes — if you don’t count the fun, the health aspect, the environment, the lack of traffic and just how awesome it is — is the biking fashion. Check out after the jump for our picks for amazing (Stylish) bike wear.

And for more bike style inspiration, make sure you check out our friends over at Ottawa Velo Vogue!!

Adeana Tobacco Cherry Leather Flats – Pour La Victoire: ON SALE: $75
Mandalay Shorts – Pink Stitch: $79
Botanic Tank – Finders Keepers: $110
Bronte Grey Boots: $265 ON SALE $198