For this edition of #vienschezmoi we are so excited to be featuring our beautiful, inspiring friend Anne-Marie, who we highlighted throughout the month of February. Anne-Marie underwent a heart transplant over a year ago and celebrated her one year anniversary with her new heart back in September❤️ . Check out our other blog posts for what Anne-Marie has been up to this past year and you will understand why this friend makes our hearts sing!!! 🎤 ✨ enjoy 👇
Name: Anne-Marie Koeslag
Occupation: I’m a teacher
Favourite place in your home: My favourite place is our brown couch in the living room.
Why: It is to life what the time-out tree is to a serious game of tag. When we’ve had a long day, we meet up on the brown couch, forget everything, and nap. Our naps are best on a Winter day, when the sun is out and its warmth takes over the living room. Long live the brown couch 😉
Your favourite possession: My favourite possession is anything that brings me music, like Sirius in the car or the speaker in my shower.
Why: Music is everything. It calms me, it energizes me, it’s where I spend my daydreams and it’s where I reflect on life. Car or shower concerts are the best therapy in the world 🎶🎤
Your favourite VAM purchase: That’s a tough one. My Cleobella weekender bag, Krista Norris rebel wingtip scarf…I’m also REALLY excited to wear my new little Félicité butterfly top when it’s warm out!


Style at Home

We know it comes as no surprise when we say good taste goes beyond the clothes you wear. Your home, and everything in it, is a direct reflection of you. So why not fill your home with stylish goods – like our new cheeseboards, plates, bowls, mugs and tumblers from the Drake General Store! Scroll down for a sneak peek of what’s available, but visit us in store to see even more (and to get first dibs on the styles you like!)

Interior Inspiration

We love nature here at VAM, along with our beachy-inspired shop, we’re totally obsessed with hanging plants, driftwood and antlers.

Whether it’s using them as wall decoration, jewellery storage or embellishment on a coffee table, antlers add texture to a room that can make even the most basic Ikea-fitted room look trendy and unique. 
You don’t even need a hunter in the family to get your hands on antlers. Check out this cool how-to we found to make DIY antlers. Don’t be afraid to stock up on natural coloured paints like browns, greys and beiges to make the antlers look realistic, or do like the tutorial shows and paint them white with accent colours to add some pop to your room. xo