One Year with a New Heart

February is a time for love, and here at viens avec moi, it is a time that is very close to our hearts.

Last year we started a tradition of sharing the love during Heart Month for our dear friend Anne-Marie and her charity of choice – The University of Ottawa Heart Institute .

Thank you to each and every one of you who came out to our shopping event, Shop with Your Heart a few weeks ago. It was a huge success and your support and Paper Heart purchases throughout the month of February will make a difference in the lives of those whose hearts need a little TLC.

We wanted to share with you Anne-Marie’s progress since receiving a heart transplant in October 2014.

Mon dieu, has she been busy! In between checkups, blood work and heart biopsies at the Heart Institute, Anne-Marie is learning to live with a heart that is as full of life as she is!

Anne-Marie in Toronto volunteering for the Canadian Transplant Games

That means completing cardiac rehabilitation and putting her new heart to work with walking, exercise and dancing, of course. 😉

She is currently completing a professional development course to prep for her return to teaching next school year. In addition, Anne-Marie has been giving back by volunteering at the Canadian Transplant Games in Toronto, as well as with the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance and coordinating the annual auction for Ottawa Therapy Dogs.

Walking in a fashion show at the book launch for Unconform

Anne-Marie has also contributed her story to Kathie Donovan’s book, Unconform, about living a courageous life.

Anne-Marie continues to inspire us all.  This amazing woman proves to us just how life changing the work being done at the Heart Institute is.




Heart Month

In honour of Heart Month this year, we are celebrating our beautiful friend Anne-Marie.  Five months ago, Anne-Marie underwent a heart transplant.  She was born with a congenital heart defect called tricuspid atresia and pulmonary atresia. Anne-Marie had heart surgery the day she was born and 2 open heart surgeries by the age of 4. And then another in 2012.
This iron woman continues to inspire and impress us with her strength and positive outlook on LIFE. With her husband and mother always by her side, Anne-Marie’s road to recovery and healing has begun (with tremendous love and support from all friends and family) 
In honour of Anne-Marie, we will be posting snippets of her story on our IG and blog. We will also be donating $2 from each sale to Anne-Marie’s fundraiser of choice, which is the Heart Institute. This gal has one heck of a story and now one hell of a heart! She might of been born with half a heart but to anyone who knows Anne-Marie, she has always had the BIGGEST and FULLEST , heart. ❤️ happy #heartmonth

(*Anne-Marie’s care has been at CHEO and TO sick kids then the congenital heart clinic at the Heart Institue in Ottawa and at the Toronto General)

Anne-Marie and her husband Matt.  They make an amazing team !